Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Tubers

Welcome to our Dahlia Tuber Sale page for 2022.

We are currently digging and dividing our tubers and expect our sale to be held on 24th July at 10am.

Thank you for your incredible support for our sale last year and for all the amazing feedback and kind comments we received. We are looking forward to another great sale this year. To be as fair as possible to all, we have continued to release all our available tubers to everybody on the same date. No holds or special deals behind the scenes.

The tuber clumps are looking great this year. Sign up to our newsletter for updates as we will not be releasing a tuber list before the date of the sale. 

If you would like to learn how to Dig, Divide, Store, Plant and Grow amazing Dahlias, come to our workshop in the Adelaide Hills on 3rd July at 2pm.

Thanks for your support.

Rebecca and the Starling Flowers Team