Dahlia Workshop at The Oaks

Dahlia Workshop at The Oaks

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Have you loved seeing dahlias this summer in bouquets, on instagram and at weddings. Would you like to learn how to start growing your own dahlias?

In this winter workshop at The Oaks, the beautiful heritage home of Christine McCabe in the Adelaide Hills, you will learn how to grow these popular flowers and do the activities needed to grow amazing flowers for 5 months of the year.

You will learn:

- to dig and lift the clumps without damaging the tubers

- how to divide and store the tubers

- the best ways to plant them in the spring

-how to stake, support and water the plants.

After our demonstration, you will be able to practise on your own clump of tubers that we have brought for you from the flower farm. Better still, you will go home with your box of dahlia tubers (that you have divided yourself) so you are ready to plant your dahlias when spring comes.

We will be digging the dahlias that Christine has grown in her vegetable garden. She will share her approach to growing them at The Oaks and her plans for a future 'dahlia patch'. In addition, you will learn how we grow our dahlias on the flower farm with weed mat, irrigation and staking.

We will keep you warm and toasty with mugs of homemade soup and crusty bread.