Gardener Mum - King Protea
Gardener Mum - Leucadendron
Gardener Mum - Pink Ice Protea
Gardener Mum
Gardener Mum - Pin Cushion Plant
Gardener Mum - Herb Trio
Gardener Mum
Gardener Mum - Boston Fern
Gardener Mum - Bird of Paradise
Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

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Our outdoor and indoor plants are selling so quickly at the moment with new plants being added weekly that we suggest you call 0415223173 to get a latest list of what's available.

We normally stock:

- Peace lilies

- Polka dot plants

-ZZ plants

- Devil's Ivy

- Birds of Paradise

-Olive trees

- Birds Nest Ferns

- Mother in Law's Tongue

- Staghorn Ferns