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Starling Flowers

Jewel Tones Ranunculus Collection

Jewel Tones Ranunculus Collection

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Our Garden Ranunculus are incredible planted in drifts in the garden. They reappear year after year and make a lovely cut flower. Enjoy them either in a jug or as a filler flower with the bigger Italian Ranunculus.

Featured in our most popular reel of 2023, this beautiful collection of colours is a delight - especially in the late afternoon light.

Please note that flower colour proportions will vary from pack to pack. 

Plant your ranunculus in Autumn in a well drained spot (or in pots if this is not possible in your garden). We don't bother soaking the corms before planting. The strange Ranunculus corms look a bit like mini octopus. Plant them tentacles facing down!

After the leaves die back, leave in the ground for flowers in following years or dig and dry store. Prise apart clumps for more plants!

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