Collection: Dahlia Tubers

We've had a wonderful dahlia season and are now digging and dividing. So far the dahlias are looking great!

Our dahlia presale will take place in late July. There will then be a second sale closer towards Spring. Our tubers are sent out in late October to early November once there are visible eyes.

Our 2023 varieties are listed here for reference - additional new 2024 varieties will be listed soon. Sign up to our newsletter for details of new varieties, and for first news of the exact sale dates and times.

The terms and conditions of the sale are listed here


Dahlia Tubers
  • Rifle Candle

    Choose from three beautiful fragrances

  • Barr & Co Hand Cream

    Incredible hand cream from the US

  • Letterpress Cards

    A card so beautiful, you'll want to frame it.