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Starling Flowers

Dahlia Seeds - Croles

Dahlia Seeds - Croles

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Collected from our breeding program of 50-100 plants per variety grown in rows. This helps influence pollination by creating bee 'highways'.

Open pollinated dahlias grown from seed will appear in a range of colours, shapes and sizes but there is seed parent influence. We're excited to see what appears next season; it's definitely a fun surprise.

We saved more seed than we could ever hope to grow so have decided to share. Dahlias grown from seed are called 'seedlings' even when they're fully grown plants. Please let us know how your seedlings turn out!

Position: Croles plants were grown in a group between April Glory (Sunset Dec), Ron's Beauty (Anemone style), and Cornflake (White and Yellow Dec)

Uses: Garden beds, Cut Flowers, Pollinator Beneficial

How to Grow: Grow under cover. Lightly cover seeds and keep moist until germination which takes 3-5 days at 18-21C. Transplant into larger pots when first true leaves appear - don't let plants get rootbound. Harden off and plant outside in Spring.

Light/Soil: Full sun to part shade. Moderately well drained, fertile soil.

Harvest: Before flowers are fully open.

Seeds: at least 20 seeds. (Seed packets are filled by weight)

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