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Starling Flowers

GROW - Flower Farm Favourites Seed Collection

GROW - Flower Farm Favourites Seed Collection

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If we only grew a handful of flowers for cutting, these would make the cut. Prolific cut and come again flowers, these are our favourite cut flowers to grow from seed.

The FF Favourites flower collection includes:

-Sweet pea

- Zinnia



- Celosia

These are the flowers we grow on the flower farm. Our favourite, easy to grow varieties for cutting. Just use the QR code and follow the straight forward instructions on our website for masses of beautiful flowers.  Each seed order will be tied with cord and will include a dried flower posy. Enjoy in a vase or break apart the flower heads and plant the seeds for more plants!!!

Occasionally we will need to make substitutions to ensure you get the best product. 

Can be posted!

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